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Early in 1995 I was walking on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado and now and again placing quarters in parking meters that had run out.  A woman walked out of a building and immediately said to me “You just put your money in the wrong parking meter!”  I replied, “No I didn’t and kept walking.”  She followed strongly with “Yes you did, that is my car there and you just put your money in my meter.”  I said “yes, I did not want you to get a ticket and your meter had run out.”  She then quizzically said, “Do I know you?”  I replied that she did not and watched her expression change from quizzical to amazed and back again quickly as she questioned further, “So you put money in someone’s parking meter that has run out so that they don’t get a ticket and you do not know them and just then walk away?”  I said, “yes.”  The woman thought for a second and then she said something that has now changed many things for me, “Oh my God, I love that!  I am going to find something nice to do for someone that I don’t know today and everyday from now on!  I love this!”

That is when I decided that my random acts did not end with the act itself but could perpetuate other acts and others beyond them and create a “Butterfly Effect” perhaps lightening the day of many people.  The old adage that, “a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan and creates a typhoon halfway around the world,” is what I was thinking about.

As an inventor and serial entrepreneur I couldn’t get this incepted thought out of my head and spent several sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to create a “Butterfly Effect” that could perhaps influence many people at once and have a longer lasting positive effect. As I was reading the newspaper one day I noticed that virtually all of the stories were negative and realized that those stories must be having the opposite effect  on millions of people daily from what I hoped to create.  I thought there must be hundreds of untold stories out there about good things happening the world over that simply were not being told.  This was the light bulb in my mind moment and the seed for the idea of serving up an alternative to the daily inundations of bad news with our own newspaper…Good News Daily.

Through life’s normal trials and tribulations my wife and I have kept it going as a labor of love since that time.  Working on it in the wee hours and whenever we have a spare moment for nearly twenty years now.  Our hope is to bring a smile to someone’s face and that they too might bring a little cheer to someone else and help us to create the “Butterfly Effect” again and again.

We have received countless letters from people who have benefited from GoodNewsDaily.com as well as those simply excited about what we are doing.

Our mission is to provide a positive alternative to the overwhelming inundation of negative news pervading our planet and in so doing begin a daily “Butterfly Effect” with each reader that in turn has a little hand in making our world better for all.

We are asking all who read our little newspaper to be on the lookout for good stories and send them in and tell everyone you can!

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Paul and Celerina