19 Reasons To Smile Right Now


1. These veggies want you to eat them in the worst way.Let us out!


2. I have never envied an infant before now.

A man and his dog and his pup


3. They still eat white tuna on the dark side.

Darth Cat


4. If they had a basket and some sandwiches it’d be a pignic. 

Ducks on a pig


5. What’s up with goats and having to be on top of things?

Goat on a head


6. The guy in the blue shirt seriously could not care LESS, about what’s going on back there.

Good lord!


7. It takes an arena.

Gymnast Support


8. Aww, how sweet! Oh…

How Sweet


9. Someone made excellent use of his free time.



10. The true purpose of these random poles is now clear.

Park Wars


11. He isn’t wrong.

River too mainstream


12. Even a turtle deserves to dream.

Turtle Shark


13. Somewhere, the guy who named this street is like, “Nailed it.”

Water Street


13. He doesn’t care he’s in the hand of something 1,493 times his size; fear isn’t in his vocabulary.



14. Dogs can wink, apparently.

Winking Dog


15. I’ll bet you never received a compliment from a windshield before.

You're Awesome


16. This dog is ecstatic to be alive, even though his world is constant overcast.



17. Take a minute and imagine how this went down.

Philosoraptor utters


18. This puppy wrangler is ready when you are.

Puppy Pockets


19. Did you think those spandex were for fighting crime?

Spiderman Stay Like That

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