PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — doTERRA Wellness Advocate Georgina Donaldson had already been involved with humanitarian efforts when she crossed paths with the owners of Convoy of Hope. Because of her desire to help others, it seemed natural that she be added to their capable team to help bring food, healing, and aid to people around the world. Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has assisted those who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting, through their organized feeding initiatives, community outreach programs, and disaster response.
Though Convoy of Hope has operated as a nonprofit for years, they still act as quick responders to devastating natural disasters and disease outbreaks throughout the world. Whether they are providing food for refugees in war-torn countries, responding to a typhoon in the Philippines or flooding in South Carolina, or sending supplies to help with the Ebola breakout in Liberia, Convoy of Hope is constantly providing help and healing to people in need.

Georgina has devoted her time, energy, and resources to Convoy of Hope because she believes in their mission. Among several responsibilities and projects, Georgina has helped with several projects in Ethiopia, including the Hands and Hearts women’s empowerment program.

With the help of generous volunteers like Georgina, Convoy of Hope brings food to hungry children, supplies to people in natural disasters, and help and healing to their own community members in Springfield, Missouri. Aside from their countless volunteers, Convoy of Hope also partners with other organizations in an effort to reach as many people as possible. One impactful partnership is with the Feed My Starving Children organization, which provides meals for those in destitute circumstances. For example, in response to the Ebola crisis, Convoy of Hope and Feed My Starving Children distributed over three million meals to areas like Liberia and Sierra Leone that were hit the hardest by Ebola.

Though it can be overwhelming to tackle the devastating problems of our world like earthquakes, flooding, hunger, disease, and infection, plenty of people like Georgina are willing to help. Of her volunteer work she says, “What motivates me to help with Convoy’s cause is a desire to make a positive change in the life of another and my own. I know that walking in the shoes of compassion, empathy, and kindness is the best way to heal, grow, and learn.” To see how you can get involved with Convoy of Hope’s efforts around the world, visit their website.


doTERRA Cares is an initiative through which doTERRA International recognizes and raises awareness for Wellness Advocates who contribute to worthy causes worldwide. doTERRA International is thrilled to share Georgina’s success and service and recognizes her as this week’s doTERRA Cares highlight!

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