4 Steps to Seeing Colorful Fall Foliage in SoCal Believe it or not, Southern California has some stunning fall foliage, and in these 4 steps, you can experience it in style and comfort with a rental from State Van

l99w6y-b78695019z.120100924153532000goejihtg.1LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — It’s often said that Southern California weather is perfect all year long, but the one caveat expressed by many is that Southern Californians don’t get to experience the autumn colors found on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest. Yet, the reality is that this simply isn’t true. “I’m blown away that people say there’s no fall color in California,” said John Poimiroo, writer of the blogCalifornia Fall Color in an interview with KCET. While it’s true that the Mediterranean climate of the Californiacoast makes autumn colors rare, in a simple day trip or even a full weekend, you can experience brilliant orange, rich red and dazzling yellow-colored trees without ever leaving the Golden State. To make the most of the trip, travel with a group of friends or family by renting an 8, 12 or even 15 passenger van rental from State Van.

To simplify your trip as much as possible, here’s a breakdown of the most efficient fall-foliage excursion route:

  1. Pick your Transportation – Starting in Los Angeles, you can rent a van from the LAX-adjacent State Van Rental facility. If you’re traveling with a large group, a Chevy Express 12 passenger van rental might be the optimal choice. With Solar-Ray® tinted glass and a removable bench seat, you and your friends can enjoy a comfortable, spacious ride, while anti-lock brakes and automatic transmission ensure smooth and safe driving through any wooded mountain pass. Smaller groups might opt for an 8 passenger van rentalor even a 7 passenger conversion van, featuring leather seats and a full media and entertainment center – perfect for those embarking on a lengthier autumn excursion.
  2. Once you’ve found the perfect van for your group, believe it or not a short jaunt of about 15 miles east on the I-5 Freeway is all it takes to see some vibrant fall colors at Whittier Narrows Recreational Facility. There – where the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers diverge – you’ll find a diverse ecosystem that includes a number of deciduous trees showing off colorful fall foliage.
  3. From Whittier, you’ll want to head a about another 70 miles east to beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Cottonwoodtrees showcase golden leaves this time of year, and the mountain air and bright blue sky serves to make the colors pop. Of course this is still just a warm-up compared to…
  4. Big Bear Lake. Only 25 miles away, you’ll find yourself far from the bustle of the city, and surrounded by autumn-hued maples and aspens as well as cottonwoods, making for fall beauty that actually rivals much of what you’ll find in the Midwest or East coast.

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