7-year-old “musical genius” wows celebrities

BY CBS News | July 23, 2023

Meet Miles, a 7-year-old who isn’t just proficient on the pBone. 

“This is my trombone. It’s called a pBone because it’s for kids,” Miles said as he showed how to play a C chord on the instrument. 

He’s also proficient on the guitar, the piano, saxophone, drums, violin — and those might not even be his most amazing talents. Miles, who just turned 7, is also able to edit all of those sounds together and add in his own vocals using sophisticated software to make his own songs or recreate hits from other artists, note for note. 

“Do you remember like an early song, a song that you could play that you were like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can actually do this. I can play this whole song,’” correspondent Luke Burbank asked.

“‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ [by Bob Dylan], I think,” Miles said. 


“Yeah, it’s, it’s easy,” Miles responded. 

Well, easy for “Miles the Music Kid” anyways, as he goes by. Miles knows a good song when he hears it, and a number of celebrities have been noticing, including musician and producer Questlove.

“Miles, my man. My peer,” Questlove said in a video to Miles. 

Remember those drums? Those were a gift from Questlove himself. 

He’s even gotten shout-outs from some of his personal favorites when it comes to music production, including singer Charlie Puth. 

“Miles. This is for you,” Puth said during a concert. 

And DJ and legendary music producer Mark Ronson himself.

“People like Mark Ronson are calling you a musical genius,” Burbank said. 

“Yeah,” Miles responded. 

“How does that feel to hear?”

“Um, very happy and very. Just very, very happy.”

It certainly helps that Miles appears to have a perfect pitch. But believe it or not, his parents are not professional musicians.

I’m just focused on being an awesome mom,” Miles’ mother said. 

“In social media, a lot of times people will comment and say, ‘Oh, for sure, dad is this big name producer. Who is he?’ And they’re trying to guess which, which big-name producer is the dad. And yeah, you know, that’s none of it,” Miles’ dad said. 

Miles’ dad, who’s a software developer, started sharing videos a couple of years ago with his friends and family. They convinced him to start posting on social media for the rest of the world to see. And yet despite all this attention, Miles’ parents are trying to preserve at least some level of normalcy for the family, which is why they’ve asked “CBS Sunday Morning” not to fully identify them, or Miles, in this piece.

“I mean, it’s a small part of his life, and we try to make it separate from his real personal life,” his mom said

“Our number one job as parents is, first and foremost, to protect our kids. Secondly is to do the things that help them thrive,” his dad added. 

“You’ll be equally happy for him whatever career path he ends up choosing,” Burbank said. 

“Absolutely,” Miles’ dad responded. 

“And then I want to show you that song I’m working on,” Miles said. 

“The current title of this is what?” 

“The Coolest Song Ever,” Miles said. 

“Ok. I like it. Staying humble. How long have you been working on The Coolest Song Ever?” Burbanks asked. 

“A few days.”

Wherever Miles ends up career-wise, he told “CBS Sunday Morning” he wants to be a musician/coder/chef. It’s pretty clear he’s on the right track — or tracks. 

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