8 Of The Cutest Staring Contests Ever

Tenacity always trumps size in a staring contest.

(Reddit: blaggo457)

2. Stare-downs can be fairly dramatic — especially if you start shooting lasers out of your eyes. 

(Reddit: nagdog)

3. Staring is the only suitable response when somebody steals your couch spot. 

(Reddit: zues10p)

4. Whatever you do, don’t blink first!


(Reddit: I_C_E_D)

5. If you stare much longer, you’ll have to smooch. (Those are the rules).

(Reddit: WatchMeDougie)

6. If you’re having a staring contest with your BFF, go easy on them. 

(Reddit: Fl1pFrenzy)

7. Your unflinching gaze should keep your evil twin at bay. But make sure Dog is there for backup. 

(Reddit: WeightLiftingLulu)

8. Don’t even think of averting your eyes from that underhanded toy. 

(Reddit: skreebleskrop)

While staring can be playful, it can also be indicative of tenseness in an animal (particularly dogs). Make sure that you take proper precautions when introducing pets to one another so they don’t become stressed. Also, try to avoid staring at your pet directly in the eyes, as that can be seen as a direct challenge.

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