A head-scratcher (no more)! Mother solves age-old parenting problem by instantly soothing her crying baby… with handy little device

This is the hilarious moment a crying baby instantly calms down after his mother brings out a head scratcher to entertain him.

Filmed in the US, the baby looks ecstatic as his mother rubs his scalp with the device.

He is lying on a bed crying at the start of the video, kicking his legs in frustration.

His mother, Courtney White, brings a head scratcher into view, catching her baby’s attention instantly.

The baby was crying at the start of the video (left). However, the head scratcher instantly calmed him and he looked ecstatic (right)

His mother, Courtney White, brought a head scratcher into view in the video, catching her baby’s attention instantly (left) and he seemed to enjoy the device

He giggles, body squirming in ecstasy as the device, controlled by his mother, gently presses into his head.

The video was viewed more than five million times on Facebook after mother Courtney uploaded it.

It also made its way onto Twitter where it was viewed millions of more times.

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