A young boy is turning winning into giving.


WILLIAMSON COUNTY — A young boy is turning winning into giving.

Chance Duty is only nine-years-old but he’s been driving micro sprint cars on this dirt track for two years.  Chance considers Southern Illinois Raceway a second home.

He is a man of few words but lets his actions on and off the dirt track speak for him.

“I like getting trophies and stickers,” said Chance Duty.

Chance has collected many trophies during his racing career. He recently parted with one of those trophies when he heard about a race fan, six-year-old Gage Besing. Gage is from Indiana and has a rare, inoperable brain tumor.

“Chance overheard what we were talking about,” explains Chance’s dad Shane Duty, “He asked a lot of questions and he went out and won his feature that night and he come back with that trophy and he said ‘Dad,’ he said ‘it would be pretty nice for that little boy if I gave him this trophy.'”

Why did you decide to give your trophy to Gage?

“To make him happy.,” said Chance.

Not only did Gage receive the trophy but a number of other items from fellow racers calling themselves “team Gage.”

“He’s probably one of the toughest six-year-old boys you’ll meet. That’s the reason they picked the superman symbol because he’s like the little boy of steel,” said Shane.

Racers and fans came together to support Gage and his family when they visited the track earlier this month.

“Every driver out here was in full support of that little boy and his family,” remembers Shane, “Several of the drivers gave their winning paychecks to them just to help them out like a fundraiser. The fans at this place, you can’t ask for better fans.”

Shane and his wife Heidi say they’re proud of their son and thankful to have new friends after meeting the Besing family.

“You don’t want your kids to be selfish and that’s the farthest thing from Chance right there,” said Shane, “He’s always willing to help other kids.”

Racing to make others happy has become Chance’s Duty.

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