Boy, 12, is hailed a hero after he shoves friend out of path of runaway car and breaks his spine

A 12-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero after he pushed his friend out of the path of a runaway car and took the full force of the collision himself.
Dylan Graves, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was hit by the vehicle after his quick actions potentially saved the life of 11-year-old friend James Yeadon.
He suffered two broken bones in his spine, a fractured left pelvis and a bruised lung after becoming trapped underneath the car.

The incident happened close to his home, and Dylan’s mother Natasha said she feared the worst after James ran to the house to tell her what happened.
Mrs Graves, 37, said: ‘As soon as it had happened, his friend James ran to our house to find me,
‘He said Dylan had been hit by a car but when I ran outside I could not find him or hear him. That is when James told me was actually trapped under the car.
‘The feeling was horrendous. I just looked up at the sky thinking that he was dead.
‘I felt slightly relived that he was conscious as I crouched down beside the car, but he was upside down in such an awkward position under the car.
‘Dylan just wanted me to hold his hand and kept telling me he loved me. He is not the type of boy who says that often so I knew he was scared.
‘He thought he was going to die. I just remember thinking that I don’t care what bones have been broken as long as he is still alive.’
Dylan was struck by a driverless black Vauxhall Vectra and the vehicle is believed to have had an issue with its handbrake which caused it to roll backwards down the street.
He had been out playing with James and was on his way home at the time of the incident.
The car picked up speed coming down the hill before reaching Dylan but the youngster still managed push his friend out of the way, before jumping up seconds before impact, which is believed to have saved his life.
However, Dylan still took a nasty hit, causing serious injuries, and was left in the foetal position trapped between the vehicle and a wooden fence.
Emergency services were called and the fire service managed to free Dylan by smashing the car window and lifting the handbrake.
Dylan, who attends Immanuel College, was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary and was released the flowing day.

His recovery is expected to take around 12-weeks but doctors have advised him to remain laid up in bed.
Mrs Graves, who runs a dance academy, has commended her son’s bravery and hopes he will be able to make a full recovery, as he still has to have further tests at Leeds General Infirmary.
She said: ‘I just can’t believe how brave he was to push his friend out of the way and take the hit himself.
‘James’ mum Rachael has been coming round every day to see how Dylan is and has been calling him her guardian angel for saving her son.
‘Dylan is doing a lot better now but he has been in agony from his injuries. He is continuing to see a specialist consultant at Leeds General Infirmary who does not usually see children but was called in due to the extent of his injuries.
‘Dylan is a very active boy who takes part in boxing and dancing so being off his feet is very hard for him. I just hope he is able to fully recover and no long term damage has been done.’
Mrs Graves also thanked her neighbours for coming out with blankets and bottles of water immediately after the incident and for their well wishes.
West Yorkshire Police confirmed that inquiries were ongoing into the incident and that the family have been kept informed.

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