CBC/Radio-Canada releases 2016-2017 Environmental Performance Report

2016-2017 environmental scorecard highlights (CNW Group/CBC/Radio-Canada)

  • Fleet vehicle CO2 emissions down 10.7% and water consumption down 8.6% versus previous report
  • Performed better than industry benchmarks in terms of energy and water consumption

OTTAWA, Nov. 27, 2017 /CNW/ – CBC/Radio-Canada shared its latest corporate Environmental Performance Report, which highlights the public broadcaster’s environmental performance from April 2016 to March 2017. Footprint decreases were recorded in most company categories with, most notably, fleet vehicle CO2 emissions dropping 10.7% and water consumption decreasing 8.6% versus 2015-2016. In terms of industry benchmarks, the Corporation performed better than the BOMA BEST certified building standard for water consumption and the Natural Resources Canada standard for energy consumption.

The Report is available online at cbc.radio-canada.ca/green.
2016-2017 environmental scorecard highlights

“As Canada’s public broadcaster, we not only connect with our audience through great programming on all platforms, but we also work hard to minimize our environmental footprint and build a sustainable future for all,” said Hubert T. Lacroix, CBC/Radio-Canada’s President & CEO. “Most of the activities noted in the Report are grassroots initiatives that have been undertaken for the greater good of the environment.

“For this year, I would like to underline the addition of electric vehicles to our fleet. It’s the logical next step following our purchase of hybrid vehicles in previous years, and builds on our installation of electric car charging stations at our Montreal location. While these initial steps are local in nature, our hope is that we will continue to grow our eco-friendly fleet in other locations over time, further reducing both our reliance on fossil fuels and our air emissions.”

New initiatives and updates on existing programs
In 2016-2017, CBC/Radio-Canada focused its efforts on reducing carbon and waste footprints; our success is clearly captured in our environmental scorecard. In addition, we worked on other environmental initiatives to reduce our environmental impact both locally and nationally. Highlights include:

  • The greening of our fleet and the related addition of car charging stations.
  • The expansion of our biodiversity urban beekeeping project.
  • Sustainability was the theme of our 2017 hackathon in Montreal. The event brings together developers, designers and strategists for a three-day Web programming competition. The focus for this year’s edition was to reduce emissions and waste and to return profits to the community, all of which are in line with the principles of sustainability.
  • Throughout the broadcasting and media industry a more eco-friendly approach is being adopted for the production of television content. In 2016, CBC/Radio-Canada piloted a green production guide within English Services with the launch of the lifetime show The Goods.
  • CBC Toronto retained its Gold designation by the City of Toronto Smart Commute program. This designation is awarded to outstanding workplaces that support sustainable travel options for their employees on an ongoing basis through regular communication and participation in programs such as bicycle workshops.

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