Children’s Learning Adventure Commits to Helping Students Grow This Summer

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.June 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Children’s Learning Adventure helps teach their students the value of adopting personal skills that they can use outside of their traditional learning environment. Practicing interpersonal skills are invaluable for young students, as these skills will apply throughout their lives. Children’s Learning Adventure incorporates these skills in their homeroom and specialty classrooms as well as their summer camp, with role play and meaningful activities to encourage students to develop and hone interpersonal skills.

Children’s Learning Adventure also offers non-stop, exciting experiences throughout the summer. This year’s “Hooray for Hollywood” summer camp is centered around all things Hollywood and movie magic. It includes lunch and snacks, weekly field trips and engaging STEAM-based activities. In addition to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Children’s Learning Adventure also provides campers with the opportunity to thoroughly explore and discover the arts.

Each summer camp is intentionally planned to offer a specialized, uniquely designed curriculum that encompasses STEAM learning and literacy. Every year, a theme is chosen and developed to engage students of all levels in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

“At Children’s Learning Adventure questions, curiosity, and hand-on learning experiences are encouraged and valued. By implementing fun and purposeful STEAM based lessons and activities, we create an engaging environment where students can enjoy the learning process. Our students grow, learn, and explore every day!” – Rick Sodja, CEO

The all-inclusive camp, available at all 44 Children’s Learning Adventure campuses, also includes weekly field trips, meals, activities, and flexible scheduling. Giving campers the experience of a lifetime, so they can enjoy their summer while also learning something new.

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