CloudZero Releases Enhanced Analytics, Automating Delivery Of Cloud Cost Intelligence

Advanced visualizations and forecasts help customers uncover deeper cost insights and drive data-driven, cost-conscious engineering

BOSTON, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CloudZero today announced the release of Analytics: a powerful business intelligence capability that automates the delivery of cloud cost intelligence. CloudZero is already unique in its ability to organize the costs of an entire application stack — AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, Datadog, Kubernetes, etc. — then quantify and optimize its efficiency. Now, from the simplest FinOps use cases to the most advanced depictions of unit cost trends, Analytics makes it easier than ever for CloudZero customers to view, share, and act on cost insights from 100% of their spend.

“The need for automated analytics has never been more urgent,” said Phil Pergola, CEO of CloudZero. “CloudZero’s ability to combine granular cost data with business context has always made us the most powerful option for extracting and acting on spend insights. Analytics only compounds that value, by automating the dissemination of actionable data in a modern business intelligence experience. This helps software-driven companies control their spend, eliminate cost surprises, and ultimately build more efficient software.”

All customers now get out-of-the-box access to CloudZero’s Standard Dashboard Library, which lets them quickly answer basic questions around topics like monthly cost trends, reservation performance, tag coverage, and invoice reconciliation. But most unique to CloudZero Analytics are its self-service capabilities which can be used to generate deep cost intelligence based on CloudZero’s powerful and trusted data model. Early users have used the advanced visualizations and forecasting in Analytics to manage the progress of specific cost projects (e.g., a migration to AWS Graviton); to depict ongoing unit cost trends (e.g., cost per 1,000 daily active users); to monitor per-unit and holistic cloud efficiency; and more.

Moreover, Analytics lets CloudZero customers generate and send reports based on the insights they uncover. Having developed a custom view related to a strategic objective, a customer could automatically export a CSV to an S3 bucket or email a PDF on a one-time or recurring basis. Moreover, data views can be exported via webhook, which lets customers pair CloudZero Analytics with services like MuleSoft and Zapier, permitting the delivery of CloudZero data to hundreds of other applications, for countless integration use cases.

“Analytics is a key next step in the cloud cost intelligence framework,” said Robert Mason, CTO of Applause, a CloudZero customer. “Our most powerful CloudZero users are already adept at using the platform to find cost insights, but Analytics extends that same power to anyone with a vested interest in keeping our cloud use cost-efficient. We’ve only just begun to see how significant of an impact this can have on our cloud ROI.”

“Everyone is hungry for automation,” said Erik Peterson, founder and CTO of CloudZero. “The human decision moment — in which an engineer spins up a resource, turns one off, chooses to rearchitect a feature, etc. — needs to be informed by as much contextual data as possible. Analytics automates the delivery of this data, giving engineering leaders the most trusted source on which to make strategic decisions, the clearest view into how those decisions impact business value, and confidence that they’re balancing innovation and cost efficiency.”

Analytics is available now. For more information and to request a demo, visit

About CloudZero

CloudZero is the leader in cloud cost intelligence. We empower the world’s engineers to build cost-efficient software without slowing down innovation. CloudZero’s platform automates the collection, allocation, and analysis of cloud cost data to uncover savings opportunities and improve unit economics. Our unique approach ensures organizations have the most complete, accurate, and granular source of truth for their cloud costs. CloudZero is used by industry leaders worldwide, such as Demandbase, New Relic, Nubank, Rapid7, and Skyscanner. Visit to get started today.

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