Djokovic Serves Up A Winning Dish

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For the second consecutive year, the world’s top ranked tennis player, Novak Djokovic, has partnered with the official wine of the US Open, Jacob’s Creek, to screen the next installment of their ‘Made By’ film series in the U.S. market. The films were shown at an exclusive dinner at The Refinery Rooftop, part of a series of ‘Our Table’ events that celebrate the moments that are created when friends and family come together.

Novak Djokovic serves up a perfect match at the Jacob's Creek Our Table event on August 25 at Refinery Rooftop in New York City (PRNewsFoto/Jacob's Creek)

Novak Djokovic serves up a perfect match at the Jacob’s Creek Our Table event on August 25 at Refinery Rooftop in New York City (PRNewsFoto/Jacob’s Creek)

Guests at the event enjoyed a range of dishes, chosen by Djokovic and Executive Chef Jeff Haskell, including Djokovic’s own zucchini lasagna recipe—served raw and gluten free—which is currently being served at the athlete’s recently launched restaurant in Monte Carlo. “Food is a huge passion of mine, and has always played a big role in my life so it’s a pleasure to share it with others,” said Djokovic.

The Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By’ film series, which has received over six million views since its release, offers a revealing look into memorable meals that have true resonance in the tennis star’s life.

The first film, ‘First Date’, describes Novak and his wife Jelena’s first dinner date in Monte Carlo, a story they still laugh about today. The second, ‘Tradition’, takes viewers back to Djokovic’s childhood, as he shares personal memories of special meals that his family celebrated together.

The ‘Made By Moments’ films, with outtakes and behind the scenes footage, can be viewed online at

About the films:

First Date – This takes viewers back to Novak’s first date with Jelena, his future wife and mother of his child. He is young and trying to impress a beautiful woman, full of bravado, but also nerves. Recounted from Novak and Jelena’s perspective, this funny and moving love story tells how it all began for the couple, ten years ago.

Tradition – Most nations have an annual day of celebration, for Novak this was his family’s traditional feast day. At the centre of the meal is not Christmas pudding, it is Cheznitsa, a cake with a coin in it. The legend behind Cheznitsa is that the person who receives the coin in their slice will receive luck for the whole year. Did Novak ever get lucky?

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About Jacob’s Creek

Jacob’s Creek™ is one of Australia’s leading global wine brands, offering quality wines with great varietal expression. The brand was first launched in 1976 and is named after the place where Johann Gramp planted his first vines on the banks of Jacob’s Creek in 1847. In doing so, Johann founded the Barossa Valley’s first commercial vineyard, the Gramp & Sons business and a history of winemaking innovation that dates back over 165 years.

The wines are crafted with great care, with consumers’ tastes at the forefront of the winemakers’ mind. Having earned over 7,000 medals at wine shows across the brand’s portfolio over the last 30 years, Jacob’s Creek wines are trusted by consumers for their genuine quality.

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