Dog joins 3-year-old during timeout in sweetest viral photo

A photo of a dog standing beside his 3-year-old owner during a timeout is getting tons of love on social media.

Jillian Smith of Norwalk, Ohio, shared the image last month of her son Peyton and their English Mastiff, Dash, onto Facebook where it’s been shared 43,000 times.

“I just happened to have my phone on me at the time he was in timeout and took the picture,” Smith told “Good Morning America.”

Smith said Peyton had a moment and hit his 5-year-old sister Ryleigh when he was mad, so they needed to be separated. His mom gave him the choice to go to his room or have a timeout and he chose timeout.

That’s when Dash the puppy decided to keep Peyton company. Thousands commented on Smith’s Facebook post writing how they were touched by the picture of the two best friends.

“I adore the picture, definitely something I will treasure forever,” Smith said.

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