Emirati real estate giant says Trump presidency is ‘good news’ for business — even with Trump’s vow to step down from his company

An Emirati billionaire real estate developer said Monday he’s eager to do business with Donald Trump and his kin, even though the President-elect has vowed to remove himself from his business empire during his presidency.

Hussein Sajwani, who has already worked with the incoming commander-in-chief in developing the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, told NBC News that Trump’s November win was “definitely good news” for business.

“Naturally, I think we will benefit from the strength of the brand going forward,” he told the network.

“I would love to enhance the relation with the Trump Organization,” he said, adding that, “we haven’t discussed anything.”

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Trump has already faced myriad questions of potential conflicts-of-interest, including concerns that foreign governments — particularly those where he has business ties, like Russia, Turkey, the Philippines and Argentina — could seek to buy his favor.

Trump has indicated he has no plans to divest from his companies but has promised to pass his business empire onto two of his adult children, Donald Jr., and Eric, before he takes office later this month. That plan hasn’t passed muster with the Office of Government Ethics.

Not Released (NR)
Sajwani has already worked with the incoming commander-in-chief in developing the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. (KARIM SAHIB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
And Trump’s children are actively participating in the presidential transition, too, including sitting in on meetings with company heads and politicians and calls with foreign leaders, raising red flags for government ethics watchdogs.

Sajwani, however, added that he’d have no problem dealing with any of the Trump children.

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“All his three children are very much involved, and I think under their leadership we will have no issue in expanding and growing and maintaining our business relation,” Sajwani told NBC.

“They are very much involved with the details,” he said. “They’re very protective of their brand.”

Sajwani said he was “not involved in any political issues or positions.”

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