PARSIPPANY, N.J., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ferrero, whose sweet treat brands are fixtures of celebrations around the world, is introducing new products and upgrades that are sure to delight the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day. From new and exciting items such as the Kinder® Chocolate Love Gift Box to classics like the Ferrero Rocher® Tin Heart and Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature® Valentine’s Day Boxes, your Valentines will be glad you gifted them Ferrero.


“In the past two years, people have been turning to chocolate and candy at special moments more than ever,” said Michael Zacharias, VP Trade Marketing & Category Management. “We’re happy to offer fan favorites and new surprises across our portfolio that will be a great fit for all kinds of special people this Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day surprises can be found across Ferrero’s lineup of beloved brands and can help you make the people in your life feel special, from family members, friends, and teachers as well as your sweetheart:

  • Ferrero Rocher® Tin Heart: surprise your loved ones with this elegant symbol of your affection. Decorated for Valentine’s Day, each heart-shaped tin contains three delightful pieces of Ferrero Rocher® to create an indulgent gift for your loved ones.
  • Grand Ferrero Rocher® Dark Valentine’s Day Edition: discover a new taste experience from Ferrero Rocher®, the Grand Ferrero Rocher® Dark. Elegantly decorated for Valentine’s Day, the indulgent hollow dark chocolate and hazelnut shell make for a special gift to celebrate the moment.
  • Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature® Valentine’s Day Boxes (12 and 24 count): discover unique recipes featuring velvety cocoa ganache, crispy amaretto nubs, and sea salt caramel. Golden Gallery Signature® is artfully crafted with an eye for the finest details and thoughtfully presented in a way that encourages enjoyment and conversation over each flavor together.
  • Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature® Heart Box: delight in the enjoyable variety of Golden Gallery Signature®. This box contains 6 unique chocolate recipes in 28 individual pieces to make any moment memorable.
  • Kinder® Chocolate Love Gift Box: features 25 pieces of individually wrapped heart-shaped Kinder® chocolate featuring smooth milk chocolate with a creamy milk filling. This gift box allows you to personalize with the name of that special someone.
  • Kinder Joy® Valentine’s Day Box: featuring six Kinder Joy® Valentine’s Eggs with special messages, this treat is a unique way to add joy and spark emotions to make Valentine’s Day celebrations magical. Each Kinder Joy® egg features two layers of milky sweet creams, topped with two crispy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream, and an exciting surprise toy inside.
  • Kinder Bueno® Mini Valentine’s Edition: delicious, individually wrapped, single bite size pieces of the popular crispy-creamy Kinder Bueno® chocolate bar in festive Valentine’s Day packaging. The ultimate treat for any Valentine’s Day candy dish.
  • Fannie May® Milk Chocolate Pixies® Red Heart Box: “Together is Timeless” on Valentine’s Day, especially while enjoying classic Milk Chocolate Pixies® – the perfect combination of rich buttery caramel and crunchy pecans covered in milk chocolate.
  • Fannie May® Colonial Assortment Red Fabric Heart Box: indulge someone special with a delectable selection of American-inspired flavors – from the famous Pixies® and Trinidads to buttercreams, toffees and chocolate covered fruits.
  • Tic Tac® Big Berry Adventure® Valentine’s Day Pack: featuring rich raspberry and juicy blueberry flavors, Big Berry Adventure is all dressed up for Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped graphics. A fun, delicious and refreshing gift.
  • Butterfinger®, Baby Ruth® and CRUNCH® Heart Boxes: each individual heart-shaped box features mini chocolates from these beloved brands – a great way to show your love.
  • Butterfinger® Hearts Laydown Bag: features heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in decorative Valentine’s Day foils. These adorable chocolate hearts will help spruce up baked goods or add the perfect final touch to a gift for that special someone.

Valentine’s Day products are available to purchase in stores and online now. For inspiration, head to Ferrero’s Pinterest page for celebration ideas, recipes, and more.

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