Global consulting firm launches first-of-its-kind ESGReady(SM) strategic services

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hickey Global, a leading economic development consulting firm, officially launched its ESGReadySM services line, a ground-breaking, innovative strategic advisory offering for economic development organizations (EDOs) of all types.

Statistics show that major global corporations heavily weigh all or some aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in their location decisions. Since EDOs are pivotal in fostering business growth and sustainability efforts that touch all three ESG pillars, Hickey Global has launched  a suite of  services to help EDOs get ESGReady℠ and bridge the gap between what companies are looking for in a location and how communities can meet their needs. Through this offering, Hickey Global facilitates the buildout of robust ESG initiatives that can be applied a la carte or strategically combined to help EDOs prepare for the future.

The ESGReadySM service suite is robust, offering solutions from identifying the right stakeholders and starting a conversation to building out entire strategies with phased goals and objectives. Community implementation of effective ESG initiatives can strengthen ties between residents, government, businesses, and the community, create a competitive advantage for business retention and global attraction, and help identify and mitigate potential environmental, social, or governance risks, safeguarding the community and its business base from financial and reputational damage.

ESGReadySM Service Offerings:

  • ESGReadySM Training & Facilitation: Guidance for navigating the early stages of ESG-related thinking through concept introduction and framework buildout for objective thinking about what it means to become ESGReady℠.
  • Data & Organization: Rethink data collection, take inventory of existing ESG work, then translate the data to a powerful ESGReady℠ marketing and awareness campaign.
  • Business Retention Expansion & Attraction (BRE&A): Roll ESG into your BREA approach to gain insights and use ESG data to craft industry-specific ESG messaging and promote local efforts to create a sustainable community for corporate and individual residents.
  • ESG Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy demonstrating local commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance policies and practices in your EDO and community.

Find more details on the Hickey Global ESGReadySM service offerings at our website:

Hickey Global Economic Development Consulting (Hickey Global) is a full-service economic development consulting firm supporting private, public, and non-profit economic development organizations worldwide. We create custom solutions to help communities prosper by identifying opportunities for investment and job growth.

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