GTL Pulls Together Resources to Assist LA Area Flood Victims

Recent disaster flooding in Louisiana has hit home, impacting GTL employees and their families

RESTON, Va., Aug. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — GTL, the leading provider of correctional technology solutions and an innovator in payment services solutions for government, today announced a charity initiative assisting the victims of the recent massive flooding in Louisiana, which was declared a Major Disaster by FEMA on August 14. As part of GTL’s “Give To Live” volunteer efforts, donated goods and supplies have been collected to help our Louisiana neighbors in the aftermath of this catastrophic flooding disaster. GTL offices in Mobile, Alabama, have collected various items needed in the relief efforts, including bottled water, baby supplies, toiletries, towels, bed linens, insect repellent, and bleach. The donated items were then delivered to the Fairhope Police Department, Alabama, for transportation to Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

“GTL has been involved in charitable causes for 25 years. We are deeply rooted in the Gulf Coast of the U.S.,” stated Teresa Ridgeway, Senior Vice President of Administration at GTL who is based in GTL’s Mobile, Alabama office. “We feel compelled to provide assistance and get involved, not only to help our Louisiana neighbors, but also because members of our GTL family have been personally affected by this disaster. There are many people in Louisiana who lost everything. I would like to personally encourage everyone, if they have the means, to donate time, goods, or money to help bring relief to the victims of this massive flooding. It is tragic times like these where people’s generosity can truly make a difference. I am proud that our GTL employees always come through during a time of need.”

Hayes Harris, a Senior Accountant at GTL in our Mobile Alabama offices, shared how this disaster has directly affected his family. “During the massive flooding in Baton Rouge last week, my wife’s grandmother lost 46 years of her sacrifice and hard work in a matter of hours. Her house and all of her personal belongings were destroyed during the flooding. We are all devastated by what has happened. But we are also very grateful for the family, friends and co-workers who have provided support during this difficult time. Global Tel*Link’s contributions and efforts will make a difference in helping those affected get through these very difficult times.”

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