HelloFresh Spreads the Spirit of Healthy Cooking for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on May 20



NEW YORK, May 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today celebrates Jamie Oliver’s global Food Revolution Day, promoting food awareness and healthy decision-making around the world. HelloFresh, the leading global meal kit delivery brand, is joining the revolution to help engage and inspire people to learn about their food and how to cook fresh, nutritious ingredients. Since partnering with Jamie Oliver Limited last year, HelloFresh has donated to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation for every box sold to support its activities, which includes Food Revolution. Together, they share a passion for improving the way people eat and understanding the power of healthy foods.


One Mission
The Food Revolution is a global, year-round campaign to inspire positive, meaningful change in the way children access, consume and understand food. Every May, Food Revolution Day celebrates success, raises awareness and invites more people, businesses and governments to join the ongoing revolution. “Together with Jamie, we aim to exchange creative thoughts and inspirational input on food and nutrition, and provide people with the best cooking experience possible,” says Dominik Richter, co-founder and Global CEO of HelloFresh. “We want to give everyone – regardless of the time they have at their disposal or the cooking skills they possess – an opportunity to discover the pleasure of cooking healthy, tasty meals from scratch,” addsJamie Oliver.


Capitalizing Health
Food Revolution Day draws attention to many issues, with obesity and food waste being just a few of them.  Statistics show that in the U.S., $1.75 billion is spent on marketing junk food to children, compared to just $50 million spent on marketing healthy food. One of the core objectives of HelloFresh is connecting people with food and showing them the importance of introducing children to cooking. Learning how to cook will empower people to learn about the foods their eating and importance of nutrition to live healthily and happily.

Reducing Food Waste
Latest figures reveal that one-third of all food produced worldwide is wasted. HelloFresh prides itself in offering wholesome home-cooked meals without food waste thanks to perfectly-portioned ingredients in every box. “As individuals, we can all do our bit by buying what we need, being mindful about putting our leftovers to good use, and recycling anything we don’t need,” says Jamie.

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