Hero Dog Diesel’s Replacement Handed To France

Russia has given the puppy in a show of solidarity after the death of a police dog in a raid following the Paris attacks.

A puppy offered to France as a replacement for a police dog killed in an anti-terror raid has been handed to the French ambassador in Moscow.

The two-month-old German Shepherd called Dobrynya has been given by the Russians in a show of solidarity following the massacre in Paris last month.

Dobrynya, who has been living at a police dog centre in the Moscow region, is named after a medieval Russian knight famed for his strength, chivalry and courage.

He replaces seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd Diesel who was killed on 18 November during an operation against jihadists holed up in a Paris apartment.

The raid followed the 13 November attacks that left 130 people dead.

French ambassador to Russia Jean-Maurice Ripert

The dog was handed over at the French embassy in Moscow

During the later operation, one of the suspected ringleaders of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed in a shootout along with two others.

Paris police chief Jean-Michel Fauvergue told French newspaper Le Parisien that the seven-year-old dog “probably saved the lives of policemen who were about to enter”.

After Diesel’s death the hashtag #JeSuisChien spread across Twitter in tribute.

Diesel Pic: French Police

Diesel died in an anti-terror raid in Paris last month

The puppy was presented to ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert at the French embassy in Moscow.

He will travel to France next month, when the quarantine process will be completed. There will also be a welcome ceremony in Paris.

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve wrote in a letter to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Kolokoltsev: “The gift from Russian police dog-lovers to their French counterparts … is a very strong and exceptional symbolic gesture on your part.”

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