Hero Louisiana Police Dog Finds Missing 14-Year-old with Autism

The St. Tammany Police Department is recognizing one of its own for a job well done.


Her name is Freya, and she’s the police K-9 who successfully recovered a missing 14-year-old on Tuesday in Louisiana.

According to a Facebook post shared by the department, deputies were dispatched to a residence in Lacomb on Valentine’s Day after the teen went missing.

“Deputies canvassed the area for hours, searching for the child,” the post said, adding that the Bavarian mountain hound and her handler, Deputy Ron Olivier, were next called to the scene. “K-9 Freya, who specializes in finding lost children, took the scent from the missing child’s clothes, and started searching. After approximately twenty minutes, K-9 Freya found the missing child, curled up, hiding in the woods.”

While definitely scared, the child was found in good heath, said the post, which also called Freya “a hero” for her efforts.

“This potential tragic story finished with a happy ending,” said Sheriff Randy Smith in a statement. “Our canines are amazing animals who are invaluable to our deputies and citizens.”

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