Homeless Man Saves Baby

Looking for a job

HESPERIA, CA — Things are looking brighter for Ron Nessman. One week ago, he was trying to find work after spending eight years homeless in the high desert. Now, he has been catapulted into the spotlight for his act of heroism, rescuing a baby and stroller from rolling into a busy Hesperia street.

In early May Ron Nessman was fresh from a job interview at Applebee’s Grill + Bar in Victorville when he saw the runaway stroller at a carwash parking lot. He grabbed it before it rolled into traffic on Bear Valley Road in Hesperia.

According to the most recent updates, Nessman was offered the Applebee job.

He has received multiple job offers, according to reporters, but with no car, finding work is limited to where he can get via bus.

Applebee’s, it turned out, was a good fit both for Nessman and the restaurant, according to General Manager Emily Canady.

She says the viral video had nothing to do with their decision to hire Nessman but that he is a “great guy and was a great candidate,” Canady told reporters. “He’ll definitely fit with us here in Team Victorville at Applebee’s.

Nessman told reporters he had been homelesss for eight years after the crushing death of his longtime girlfriend and had recently moved in with his sister to rebuild his life.

“I knew I could get (the stroller), and I’m thankful for that because I really wouldn’t want to see the end result if I wasn’t there,” he told reporters. “If you want something different in your life, you need to do something different. And that’s where I am at today.”

The viral video captured at the scene showing the stroller rolling away from the child’s great aunt’s car in the A1 Hand Car Wash parking lot has captivated southern California. Viewed over 2 million times, the great aunt attempted— but failed— to grasp the stroller before it rolled down the sharp embankment toward the busy street, injuring herself.

Nessman was sitting with his sister at the car wash when he heard the screams for help, he said. He raced to the stroller, redirecting it before it careened in front of oncoming traffic. (Watch the full video below).

Southern California Reacts To Act Of Heroism From Formerly Homeless Man

Patch readers weighed in with their thoughts on the man who reacted without thinking to save an infant from an uncertain fate.

“For all those homeless haters out there, THIS is a perfect example of the humanity of some of these people and WHY we need to help them!” Linda Ann of Temecula wrote. “If he hadn’t been there, that baby would have died.”

A Banning Patch reader suggested this was a cautionary tale to parents.

“Pick yourself back up quickly and get to that stroller as fast as possible,” Pock wrote. “Pain from falling should be the last of your worries. Hopefully, the Great-Aunt has learned a lesson to always lock the stroller wheels in the future.”

Terri S. of Eagle Rock wrote that it shows anyone can be a hero, no matter where they are.

“Good for Ron! I hope this reminds NIMBY’s that anyone can be a hero Anyone can be a compassionate person, even those you normally look down your nose at.”

Marina del Rey reader Sainte DeLude wanted Ron to know all appreciate his good example.

“Ron, thank God for you! I’m so happy you saved that baby and have shown people that homeless people are just people like everyone else – with the exception that you’re one of the better ones (people in general!),” DeLude wrote. “I pray that your life gets better and easier and all good things shall come to you…. Applebee’s would be super lucky to have you, if that’s what you want. If you set your mind to it, I bet you could get almost any job you’d want. Good karma for a good person!”

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