Issa Asad Reveals in New Book about Alibaba: There’s 1.3 Billion Opportunities for US Businesses



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DANIA, Fla., Oct. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Experienced entrepreneur and best-selling author of Instant Profits with Instagram, Issa Asad, has revealed in his new book that Alibaba is our generation’s “opportunity of a lifetime” and that there are “more than 1.3 billion opportunities for United States business owners.” Instant Profits with Alibaba is Asad’s second book and is poised to be his second best-seller, after the success of Instant Profits with Instagram.

Alibaba is a Chinese company that is also the world’s most-used and largest business-to-business e-commerce marketplace. It made history in September when its initial public offering (IPO) gained more than $240 billion. Since its IPO, Alibaba is working on overthrowing current giants Amazon and eBay and becoming the leading e-commerce marketplace in the US.

China has become the world’s largest economy. With a population comprised of over 1.3 billion people, and almost 19 percent of the world’s population, China is a rapidly expanding and dominant marketplace for US businesses to tap into. Asad warns that Alibaba is an opportunity that businesses cannot ignore.

“Business owners who are in the online market space need to see past the label of ‘Chinese company’ and see that Alibaba is more than 1.3 billion opportunities,” said Asad.

Alibaba has millions more online users and market capitalization than Amazon and eBay combined. Its market size is so huge due to the many successful entities that the company owns, especially Alipay (like PayPal), Taobao (like eBay) and Tmall (like Amazon). Analysts suggest that the combined sales of Alibaba and its companies will exceed $700 billion by 2017.

According to Asad, many business owners are just hearing about Alibaba, and they should get in on the opportunity early.

“One of the biggest ways a business owner can become successful is to recognize a huge opportunity when it comes,” said Asad. “Absolutely, Alibaba is this decade’s opportunity.”

Asad has enjoyed entrepreneur success in the technology, marketing and telecommunications fields for the last 15 years. He has helmed several multimillion dollar companies in South Florida, and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, and Centurion Logistics, LLC, located in Dania, FL. To learn more, visit

Instant Profits with Alibaba provides business owners interested in the Alibaba opportunity with a how-to guide for starting a business and making money through Alibaba. The book covers topics such as how to get account approval in the shortest period of time, how to properly choose products, how to hire the best contractors and agents and more.

According to Asad, the “Alibaba Opportunity” will not stay new for very long. “You already see US giants Apple, Nike and Ray-Ban enjoying their piece of the 1.3 billion consumer pie; so go get your piece of the pie today,” said Asad.

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