McDonald’s Parking Lot Surprise: Couple Welcomes Baby, Dubs Him ‘Little McFlurry’ in Heartwarming Twist

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Wisconsin mother Analysia Beck used to cringe at stories of unconventional baby deliveries. “It was my worst nightmare,” admits the 25-year-old. However, fate had a surprise in store when Analysia found herself giving birth in a McDonald’s parking lot.

“I’m still in shock,” Analysia shares, while her husband, Daniel, chuckles in agreement. “It was pretty intense,” adds Daniel, 27.

The unexpected delivery unfolded around 11 p.m. on Jan. 11. Analysia, at 38 weeks of pregnancy, initially dismissed mild contractions as Braxton Hicks, only to be awakened by intense pain and a sudden break of water. It was go time.

With Analysia’s mother looking after their children Jayce, 3, and Aubriella, 17 months, the couple rushed out. Analysia humorously notes that she had never seen Daniel drive so fast.

“We were in the car for like two minutes when I said, ‘Daniel, you have to pull over, I feel like I’m sitting on the baby’s head,'” recalls Analysia. “At that point, I knew he was coming, and we weren’t going to make it to the hospital.”

Daniel pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot, dialed 911, and Analysia moved to the back of their SUV. The time was 3:55 a.m., and snow was falling heavily.

“I pushed three times and he came out,” says Analysia. “The paramedic barely made it, but they were there to catch him.”

Noticing the newborn’s blue hue, Analysia attributes it to the cold and snow blowing into the car. Fortunately, the baby, named Micah, was healthy and passed all tests at the hospital.

Weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces, the bundle of joy is affectionately nicknamed “Little McFlurry” by Analysia and Daniel, a playful nod to the fast-food chain’s ice cream dessert.

“Between the blizzard and the McDonald’s, we think it’s very fitting!” Analysia remarks with a smile.

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