Meehl Foundation Announces Release of the Friends and Family Bipolar Survival Guide

HOUSTON, Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Written for anyone attempting to live with a Bipolar loved one, the ‘Friends and Family Bipolar Survival Guide’ is just what it says, a Survival Guide. The knowledge gathered within its pages is based on the experiences of what the authors have learned and what they are doing, positively and successfully, to deal with Bipolar Disorder and the impact it has had on their own family.

300x600The book was written because the authors, Mark and Debra Meehl, encountered others who were also struggling with this disorder and its chaos who were looking for a road map of information and solutions. The book is a cornucopia of all the knowledge, research and information one may need or want on Bipolar Disorder Treatment.

An “Amen Brain Healthy treatment program,” the Meehl Foundation headed up by Debra Meehl, DD, (Pastoral Counselor, DBT Therapist & Skills Trainer, Board Certified Hypnotist & President) treats Bipolar disorder in a holistic approach as pioneered by Dr. Daniel Amen (Change Your Brain, Change Your Life). Believing that brain health is central to all health and success, Amen’s work is dedicated to helping people have better lives by having better brains. The Meehl Foundation does this by providing an individual plan for a balanced approach to mental wellness using psychological testing and assessment, hypnosis, acupuncture, hair follicle testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone balancing, and nutritional counseling.

A healthy brain is the key to success in life. For someone with Bipolar disorder, chaos and crisis generating behaviors become a way of life. With this book, authors Mark and Debra Meehl provide the exact path to wholeness and disorder management as a treatment program anyone can handle right from the comfort of their own living room. For those seeking a more intensive therapy program in person, they can come to the Meehl Foundation’s DBT residential program. Five hours of group a day plus the Amen Brain Healthy treatment plan offers an upscale healing, therapeutic environment where residents learn to manage their mental illness and take back their lives.

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