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one+arm+3+year+old+tommy+morriseyHe may be only 3 years old, but this pint-sized prodigy boasts a golf swing better than most adults — and he only has one arm.

Tommy Morrissey of Jupiter, N.J., was born with just one arm, but that certainly hasn’t hindered his passion for the sport of golf. When Tommy was 13 months old, he started watching golf with his father, Joe Morrissey. By 18 months, he started mimicking the golfers’ swings and would even get angry if his parents switched the channel.

“My husband plays golf and I play golf,” Marcia Morrissey, Tommy’s mom, told Golf Digest. “Thomas became obsessed with it. He started watching YouTube instruction all on his own, mostly Bubba Watson, really. So we began nurturing his obsession. It’s unreal.”

And so, Joe and Marcia did what most parents would do — they encouraged their son’s passion by giving him a plastic club and ball. Tommy’s natural skill and precision impressed his parents, especially because he was so efficient with his one-handed swing.

“Thomas has no idea he’s any different than anybody else,” Marcia said. “He just never even questions it.”

Now that Tommy is 3 years old, he uses real golf clubs and golf balls and frequents country clubs with his parents. Tommy even met up with golfing professional, Jeff LeFevre, this past summer at Linwood Country Club.

“He immediately took a very nice, natural square setup,” LeFevre said. “He took the club back to parallel and paused at the top. When he hesitates at the top he looks at the target, then back to the ball…He never whiffed one. And after watching him hit a couple hundred balls now it’s amazing to me that he never ever whiffs.”

When strangers catch a glimpse of little Tommy on the golf course, they’re initially impressed that he is so skilled for his age. It isn’t until they look a little closer that they realize his physical difference, Tommy’s parents told DC News Fox 5.

Witnessing the 3-year-old boy’s golf skills for the first time brought tears to LeFevre’s eyes — something that happens again and again, as Tommy’s inspiration is realized by strangers on the golf course.

“You’re heartfelt for what he’s going through,” LeFevre told Golf Digest. “Then you realize he doesn’t see it as a handicap, that he was just born with one arm and that’s the way it is.”

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