Meet the 8-year-old who “greets everyone with happiness”

Meet 8-year-old Nicholas.

He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, swimming, listening to music and riding his bike.

Nicholas was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth.

“Nicholas is really the same as any other child…he just happens to have a triple copy of his 21st chromosome,” said his mom, Traci. “It helps makes him who he is, but doesn’t define or limit him in any way. Each child is perfect; it is all in how you approach the situation. We cannot imagine our lives without our silly, sensitive, compassionate, snuggle-ie, inquisitive, independent, intelligent, hard-working, strong, stubborn, courageous, fearless, loyal, loving, amazing little boy.”

Since he was three years old, Nicholas has been participating in Special Olympics Virginia.

His mom said Special Olympics Virginia, “Is a wonderful community of support and love.” She said Nicholas is like the mayor of a small town and greets everyone with happiness – with smiles, waves, hugs or high fives!

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