The music industry is a tough place to establish a mark for an artist and have an audience that likes your work. Thousands of aspiring artists try to make a mark in the industry but not all of them succeed. The competition in the music industry is immense, with a lot of new and upcoming artists. Douglas Miller, under the alias Young Miller, is an up-and-coming artist rising in the music industry. He is starting to see his fair share of success and fame within a short time.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he moved to Beverly Hills for a better life and opportunity in the music industry. He worked under the mentorship of Master P, a successful record producer, entrepreneur, and former basketball player. Master P has been successful in many fields and a known name in the music, movie, clothing, and sports industry. Young Miller has spent a lot of time under his mentorship understanding the music industry and how to build your own company as an entrepreneur. On the music front, he dropped a single called Clap Clap. The single charted on the Digital Tracker, bringing his music into the limelight. He followed this up by dropping another follow-up song called VIP, which established him as an artist in the music industry. He is currently working on a new single in 2021 called Easy Flow, which he will be dropping soon. He has also collaborated with other artists like Rich Boyz and TechN9ne in the music industry.

His mentor, also his role model, encouraged him to follow the road map he used to attain fame and success. Following the same model, he co-founded a brand with his business partner Rich Banks to form World Fusion/DMG. He also aims to help new artists in the industry since most of them don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent and live up to their potential. Propelling young artists under his banner ensuring they are not subject to exploitation in the process. He is also designing and launching his line of clothes to diversify and be a successful businessman. With an approach to holistically growing as an artist, he has ventured into television for his acting debut for a reality show called The Don of Beverly Hills.

One should check his music out on social media under the alias Young Miller. He is one artist to watch out for in the future, not only for his acting and music but also for his role as a businessman.

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