Miraculous: 72 year old found safe after 4 days missing in a Canyon.

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A 72-year-old Idaho woman, Penny Clark, who had been missing for four days, was discovered in a canyon in a miraculous turn of events. The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office received a tip from two campers in the area who found a car matching the description of Clark’s, partially down a canyon near Melba, a small farming community southwest of Boise.

Authorities arrived at the scene and located Clark’s car about 200 yards from the canyon wall, with Clark found approximately 40 feet below in the ravine. Rescuers reached her later that afternoon, discovering that she was conscious and alert. It took about two hours to transport her to a location where paramedics could provide advanced medical attention.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue expressed amazement, stating, “This is frankly one of the most miraculous incidents that I can recall in all my years in law enforcement, and it’s a true testament to the strength and fortitude of Penny Clark.” Medics estimated she had been there for at least a couple of days, possibly since Tuesday when her family last had contact with her.

As for Penny Clark’s current condition, rescuers reported that she was conscious and conversing with them. The Nampa Police Department, contacted by the family to assist in the search, acknowledged the unbelievable efforts of those involved in the rescue. Clark’s family is with her, and they have requested privacy. The sheriff’s office expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the rescue operation, from the initial call to Nampa Dispatch to those providing hospital care, emphasizing a collective “THANK YOU!”

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