Mom Goes Viral After Sharing ‘Old Soul’ 6-Year-Old Son’s Peaceful Morning Routine

The 6-year-old enjoyed a perfect start to his day, much to the delight of his mom and millions of viewers

Angela Andaloro

Alissa Holder‘s son is starting his day in peace.

The TikTok mom shared a video across her social media platforms last month showing her recent discovery. In the video, Holder’s 6-year-old son, Ayaan, sits at a child’s size table with a fish tank on it.

An empty cereal bowl is pushed to the other side of the table as the first grader enjoys a cup of tea and reads his chapter book in a hilarious display that his mom had to catch on video on a busy Monday morning.

“I was packing lunches for Ayaan & Alaïa and I look over to see Ayaan just casually drinking his lemon & honey tea, and reading a new book. At first I laughed. Because…who does he think he is?😂😂😂,” the mom of three shared.

“But then I realized that I’m glad he had this moment of calm and focus for himself before he starts his day at school,” she noted, adding, “I hope your day is off to a great start.”

The sweet video has since amassed nearly 2 million views on TikTok as people applaud Ayaan as an “old soul” with “Caribbean uncle energy.”

Commenters also applauded Ayaan for “calming his mind and body before the week ahead.”

“As a child therapist, I’m so happy he already has emotional regulation and coping mechanisms in place this young!!!!😩,” another commenter wrote.

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