Nine-year-old girl’s ‘very well drawn’ sketch of a red pickup truck covered in dents helps cops track down a porch pirate who has been swiping packages from her neighborhood

  • Police in Utah were investigating the theft of packages from front doorsteps
  • Nine-year-old girl told cops that she might have seen something
  • She drew a picture of a pickup truck when asked if she’d seen vehicles nearby
  • The same truck, matching the sketch has been caught on surveillance video  

Police say a nine-year-old girl has helped them track down a porch pirate after she drew a sketch of the suspect’s red pickup truck.

Officers from the Springville Police Department in Utah were investigating a spate of package thefts from the front doors of homes when they spoke to the young witness.

Cpl. Curtis of the force asked the youngster if she had noticed any vehicles nearby.

Police in Utah were investigating the theft of packages from front doorsteps were given the help of a nine-year-old girl's drawing of a red pick-up truck complete with rear rack and dents

He ended up getting a ‘very well drawn’ picture of a truck according to the department’s Facebook page.

The sketch drawn by the girl was a red pickup truck, riddled with dents on the side and a rack in the rear of the truck.

Authorities were then able to find the truck which had also been captured on surveillance cameras near the scene of the crime.

As the youngster had portrayed in her drawing, the truck was indeed riddled with dents in the bodywork and had a distinctive metal rack frame sitting on the rear.

‘Here at SVPD we leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating misdeeds in Springville City,’ police said in a posting online.

Police said the truck in the photo was occupied by a man and woman who were seen following a mail delivery truck around looking for the latest dropoffs so they could steal packages shortly afterwards.

There have so far been no arrests.

Anyone with information about thefts is asked to contact police at 801-489-9421.

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