Open Letter to @elonmusk. How to fix one of humankind’s biggest problems.

Dear Mr. Musk @elonmusk. You are a genius at problem solving and helping our world.  One of the biggest problems for humankind right now is that “bad” is being elevated by the news media and is brainwashing people, especially the young, into thinking everything is bad.

Bill Oreilly, formerly of Fox News, once asked on air, “How do we stop ISIS from committing these terrible atrocities?”  I answered, “stop giving them a platform and they will stop.”  If news media were not allowed to show it or talk about it…it would simply stop. This though probably won’t happen but there is an “equal and opposite reaction” that will work or at least help.

The news media globally thrives on bad news.  They not only thrive on it but I believe they purposefully foster it daily using it to make trillions of dollars by inundating us with every conceivable negative thing happening on the planet….and to what end?  Yes it makes them money but doesn’t every action have an equal and opposite reaction?  It not only does not stop people from doing bad but only emboldens and enflames more to continue this cycle for their “moment” of fame.

If you think about it logically, why does someone in a small town in Arkansas (for instance) need to hear about someone being decapitated by an accident with another car in Florida.  It serves no purpose other than to make the news media money, while creating a much larger negative “butterfly effect” making many people, including the person in Arkansas, simply feel bad. That person is not somehow helped by that news, but instead forced to “feel” negative.  This then begins a chain of negative in small and large towns throughout the U.S…..why? (question why they are doing this knowing the reaction)

The world needs an opposing magnet Mr. @elonmusk, an equal and opposite reaction.  We need to start fostering good things that happen and be a louder voice and stronger call to action to help humans survive…and thrive, until you move some of us on to the next world somewhere out there in space and beyond.

My wife and I created in 1996 and have hunted, posted, received and written tens of thousands of stories about people doing good nearly every day since then (while trying hard to eke out a living in other ways). We do it as a labor of love.  We’ve never capitalized, never had ads as we thought that might dilute the good feelings and damper the butterfly effect, or subscriptions, and are now getting too old and shaky to keep up with this world and use social media and digital space to our advantage….to the advantage of the many.  But YOU could.  Would you?

Together, we could create a strong opposing magnet, or you could certainly do it yourself, but if possible my wife and I would like to help until our time is up.  The world badly needs the pendulum to swing back toward good, back toward the center or further.  This inevitably now starts with mass media and the dawn of AI.  Possibly with some monetary benefit? to those who find, post, foster, write, add to the world’s good news each day?  Am sure it is possible to create a system whereby people are paid more (both monetarily and in feeling what they are doing is helping) by finding the 99% of all news that is good and not by amplifying the few negative things happening in areas that are not a direct concern to each.  Please decide to help us Mr. Musk and help begin the dawn of a new age, one in which people feel good about themselves and about helping others and working together to create a better world for all.

Mr. Musk you have shown the world “some” of what your genius is capable of with great, globally significant projects like TESLA, SpaceX and X (formerly Twitter), GROK and am sure more yet unknown to the public projects, inventions and patents than could be counted.  Each of your current projects have done and will continue to do, a huge good in their prospective arenas and beyond, but there are still large swaths of human culture that need help and correct direction.  Each course correction humans make now will make an indelible mark on our future as a species.  Each major impact will be studied and talked about thousands of years from now on far away planets.  Please help us with this particular course correction.  Help us create a more pervasive, inspiring news outlet.  One that becomes a strong enough magnet that the world begins to shift and benefit as a whole by people passing on and creating butterfly effects that truly change the demeanor of humans on a daily basis.  This will inevitably create a more harmonious world for our children and grandchildren (yours and mine) and beyond. Thank you for your consideration of this, possibly of us, and for all you are currently doing to help our world.  [email protected] and

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