Paw you! Brave cops rescue a bear stuck in dumpster and then run away fast

A bear who got stuck rummaging through a garbage bin was rescued by brave cops.

The bear, named ‘T-Shirt’ because of a large white spot across his chest, got wedged in the dumpster at Kings Beach near the California, Nevada border early Monday.

As the deputies patrolled, a call came in at about 3 a.m. from someone hearing loud noises at a nearby apartment complex parking lot, The Los Angeles Timesreported.

Deputies Dan Staley and Joe Bertoni from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office recorded the ‘rescue mission’ from their squad car dash cameras.

Another deputy lifts the dumpster lid, giving easy access for the bear to jump out

A bear is ready for freedom after help from a pair of sheriff deputies in California

The bear can be seen darting his head above the garbage looking for help.

One police officer uses a long stick to loosen catches, while the other officer lifts the lid by hand before running away from the bear, who now had enough room to plan his much-needed escape.

The police also said on the video that the bear was tagged for monitoring in the wild.

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