“Phiner Cuisine: Fat Be Gone” Teaches Readers How to Achieve Health and Wellbeing Through Better Food Choices

imagesJMCLF8GGAVON LAKE, Ohio, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Natural foods advocate Phiner Dike-Jelden has a remedy for the nation’s obesity epidemic that doesn’t involve radical “dieting,” pharmaceuticals or surgery. Her new book, “Phiner Cuisine: Fat Be Gone,” reveals how proper nutrition can provide good health, beauty and wellness, both physically and spiritually. The book contains tried-and-true advice on how to fuel the body in a sustainable way while finding more joy in the experience of cooking and eating.

“I hear people complain about the cost of food or the time it takes to prepare a fresh, wholesome meal, but these same people don’t think twice about their cell phone bills, expensive cars or alcohol,” remarked Phiner. “When you consider the lifetime benefits of healthy eating, choosing better food and making the time to prepare it is such a small investment.”

Fresh, quality food is the foundation of every recipe in “Phiner Cuisine.” The author has selected many of the book’s recipes based on customer requests at her former restaurant, A Phiner Bistro.

Phiner rails against the use of preservatives and processed or frozen foods, as these techniques degrade the food’s nutrient content and flavor. Instead, the book features plenty of wild-caught seafood, organic meats, whole grains and fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. None of the recipes are fattening or have added sugar.

According to Phiner, the countless benefits of adopting her style of eating include increased metabolism and improved emotional wellbeing. She subscribes to the idea that prevention is the best cure. Phiner envisions her recipes becoming part of people’s diets in the traditional sense of the word – a “way of eating” rather than a short-term strategy to alter body composition. She explains that providing the body with nutrient-dense, natural, fresh food is an overlooked method for improving a person’s quality of life.

“Phiner Cuisine” is more than a cookbook; it’s a strategy guide for thinking about food and cooking in a way that supports health and happiness. The book includes recommendations on cookware and utensils that won’t leave behind toxic residue. Likewise, many consumers are bewildered by the selection at their local grocery store and don’t know how to begin making healthier purchase decisions. “Phiner Cuisine” offers tips on navigating the aisles and avoiding bad choices.

Phiner has plans to write more books on wellness and nutrition topics, as well as expand her online business ventures.

About the Author

A wellness advocate her entire life, Phiner works to educate the public about the preventative health benefits a well-balanced diet can yield. Having grown up in a family that prioritized healthy living and eating, Phiner is eager to share this knowledge with the world. She has made appearances on the Discovery Channel, as well as local PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX affiliates to her credit. “Phiner Cuisine: Fat Be Gone” is her fourth book.

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