Physicians Applaud Executive Order Exposing True Health Care Costs & Opening Doors For Direct Primary Care Patients

Transparency to Close Gap Between ‘Costs’ and ‘Price’ of Healthcare and Allow for Patient Choice

WASHINGTONJune 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — At an event today at The White House, physicians from the Docs4PatientCare Foundation (D4PCF), the only health care organization composed of practicing physicians with hands-on, practical knowledge of the American health care system joined President Trump as he signed an Executive Order demanding transparency in what has become an opaque cost/pricing system.

At the event, physicians applauded the recognition of Direct Primary Care options allowing patients to use Health Savings Accounts for their care.  These innovative relationships established between a physician and patient without the distraction of an insurance company or other third-party interference are increasing in the health care marketplace.

“In this age of information, we can compare prices on everything, except our health care, which places patients at a disadvantage,” stated Dr. Lee Gross, President of the Docs4PatientCare Foundation. “The prices patients pay for health care must be driven by the costs of that care, not a patients ability to pay nor a result of secret negotiations where the only motive is profit – at the expense of the patient.”

The Executive Order will compel disclosures of details on what it costs for insurers, doctors, hospitals etc., to provide health services. There is often a major delta between the costs of these services and the prices paid by patients, insurance companies, and the government.

“Until we know what the true costs are, having a fair pricing system is impossible,” Dr. Gross continued. “By developing rules that force everyone to show their cards simultaneously, we will finally achieve truth in the health care marketplace.”

The current system keeps patients and their doctors in the dark about pricing considerations – especially for the vast majority of predictive health care decisions.

More than 15 members of Docs4PatientCare Foundation attended as guests of the White House and were recognized for their expertise and leadership in these transformational endeavors.

“While this Executive Order and subsequent rule changes may expose some warts in the previous contracting process, the patient will come out ahead. An informed consumer will be healthier and make better decisions. And doctors who pledge to first do no harm can take that a step farther and to do no financial harm to their patients too,” Dr. Gross continued.

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