Power to the Quads: Keirin Cut Jeans Offers Tailored Shape for Athletic Bodies Keirin Cut Jeans makes debut splash on Kickstarter


SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Champion cyclist and aspiring Olympian Beth Newell has thunder thighs, and is proud of it. While Newell’s impressive leg strength propels her to the finish line of prestigious cycling competitions worldwide, at home, she struggles to fit her muscular thighs in the traditional cuts offered by major jean manufacturers.

Newell is not alone. With the trendy push towards skinny jeans, many athletes are forced to buy jeans a size or two up simply because of their legs, and end up with gaping waistlines that don’t fit the trim torso of an athlete. Seeing a need, Newell set out to create a solution.

Keirin Cut Jeans are engineered specifically for the strong athletic physique. The team has refined and perfected the design after collecting body measurements from over 100 athletes. Keirin Cut Jeans provide extra room in the quads and glutes for the explosive muscles athletes need to perform, while maintaining a trim waistline. Cross-fitters, cyclists, body builders, sprinters, skiers, bobsledders, runners, weightlifters, wrestlers and rowers alike can finally enjoy jeans that are tailored to their shape.

With the incredible response from just prototypes, Keirin Cut Jeans has partnered with a US manufacturer and is ready to start production. You can help promote a healthy, active lifestyle and bring a great new product to market by supporting the first production run of Keirin Cut Jeans.

Join the Keirin Cut revolution on Kickstarter. Within 24 hours of launch, the campaign was over 60% funded, receiving the prestigious Kickstarter Staff Pick. This initial production run fundraiser will deliver jeans to backers who pledge $107 or more to the campaign. With a variety of pledge options, Keirin Cut Jeans has something to offer everyone!

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