Rami Davidian, the hero who saved hundreds of lives on October 7th

He just kept driving back and forth, bringing people to safety. A saga of bravery.

By Ronn Torossian (edited by GoodNewsDaily)

The Talmud says that anyone who saves a Jewish life is considered as if he has saved an entire world. Rami Davidian is an Israeli Jewish hero, a farmer who saved hundreds of lives at the Nova Festival. Israelis were partying, dancing for peace – and came under attack.

Rami Davidian is a man whose name should be remembered forever.

The Nova festival attack would have been much worse if not for Rami. Rami is a farmer from Moshav Patish, which is located only a few minutes away from where the Nova festival was held. He received a call before 7 AM with an urgent message, to rescue a friend’s son and without hesitating, he drove there. And on his first trip, 15 people climbed into his car to be saved, they climbed into his trunk sat on the roof, and escaped to safety. As he describes it, he made countless trips, eventually saving hundreds of people.

Some stayed in his home until their parents came to get them, and without weapons or bullet-proof vests, he drove again and again and again to rescue people. They were hiding in the bushes, terrified. And Rami simply navigated the back roads which he knew from being a farmer and a lifelong resident of Moshav Patish.

His phone kept ringing, message after message after message from people hiding. Sharing their location via WhatsApp, whispering voice notes so they wouldn’t be found. Rami walked, crawled, drove and did whatever he could to rescue people. Parents and loved ones calling him nonstop kept begging him to save people.

And on one trip he was confronted by Palestinian Arab terrorists, whom he lied to by saying he was Muslim. Speaking Arabic which he knows from his many years of working in the Palestinian Arab populated areas, he told the terrorists to give him the girl they were holding and run away before the Israelis capture them – and they did. He saved the child, who climbed in his car. In another case, he threw a rock at the terrorists and rescued a young woman from their grasp.

From Saturday morning until Sunday night, he wandered that forest endlessly saving people.

One can write these words – but as one understands the magnitude of what he did, these are simply the things that we thought only occurred in an action movie. Rami has hundreds of messages on his phone. All over Israel people thank him for the heroism he exhibited, lives he saved. All of these souls, and their offspring will live because of the heroism of the great Israeli Jewish Zionist Rami Davidyan.

Rami Davidian is a hero. Thank you. You are a great hero of the Jewish people. I am so blessed to have been able to have met you.

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