‘Since Your Life Story Would Make the Most Amazing Headline, What Would it Say?’ – Two Special Brothers, a Reformed Ex-L.A. Gang Member and a Paralympic Purple-Heart Recipient, Continue to Remind Everyone That ‘We Are All One Story’

LOS ANGELESJune 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We Are All One Story (WAAOS) recently highlighted the growing popularity of its campaign and overarching mission to amass hundreds of individual life-stories while increasing the web of human connections that these stories create. Co-founded by Gold Medalist and Marine veteran Ralph DeQuebec and his brother Jose Lugo, humanitarian and ex-L.A. gang member turned author, WAAOS is a social media platform designed to bring people together through their shared life stories. WAAOS is currently amassing an expanding library of uniquely heartfelt tales told by people from all walks of life. New stories are released every Monday via daily photo and video segments on Instagram and TikTok, with full video recordings released on WAAOS for YouTube.

“What do we mean when we say we are all one story?” said Jose Lugo. “Well, for example, when you see my brother, when you see his scars from war, you physically know that he’s been through some trauma. You physically know as soon as you see him that he’s had to overcome so much. But where me and him come together as people is the trauma that you can’t see. Anxiety or depression or lost hopes and dreams: all that other life-stuff that rattles around in all our heads. What are we here for? What are we supposed to be doing? How do we all make so many mistakes, yet manage to keep going? We came to the realization that if my story means something, and if his story means something, then your story has to mean something too. That’s it and that’s all.”

The Power of WAAOS: Dozens of Interviews and Counting

Each interviewee for WAAOS is asked the same set of questions, beginning with their childhood dreams and experiences before traveling through adolescence and adulthood. Using the ancient tradition of storytelling, interviewees find themselves deep-diving into their own life memories, often discovering the heart of who they are as they use honesty and vulnerability to reveal the invisible but unbreakable connections that binds everyone together.

“So that’s what we mean when we say We Are All One Story,” Lugo continued. “Your story has value because you as a person have inherent value. Whatever you’ve been through, there’s value in it, and someone could learn from it. When we see people like my brother, his sacrifice, we see him and we give him his due respect. But we’re both here to tell you: you’ve been through just as much as we have. We’ve all been through hell, coming out the other side with a story to tell. And what matters are the connections we made. Real human connections are life’s greatest gift. That’s what we’re ultimately trying to achieve.”

Start making connections by learning Jose’s Story and Ralph’s Story. And for current schedules on upcoming appearances by Jose and Ralph or other storytellers, follow WAAOS on social media: #WeAreAllOneStory, @WeAreAllOneStory, Instagram.

WAAOS is also accepting donations to help continue their mission.

About We Are All One Story

We Are All One Story started with two brothers whose lives went down different paths. One would lose both his legs fighting for his country, while the other would lose years of his life in the California Department of Corrections. Somewhere in the trauma of their lives, they had forgotten what they once knew to be true: that every person has inherent value, and every person’s story is worth telling. Having found that wisdom again, the brothers set out on a mission to help others remember the same truth: Each story is worth telling. Your story is worth telling. Learn the value of listening and share your own story at: www.WeAreAllOneStory.net.

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