The Need for Calm; Entrepreneur Discovers Secrets of the World’s Top Performers

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Finding Mastery Podcast with Max Baumann, CEO of Just Chill Beverages: Millennial Entrepreneurship.

CEO Max Baumann (PRNewsFoto/The Chill Group, Inc.)

CEO Max Baumann (PRNewsFoto/The Chill Group, Inc.)

We’re all aware of the toll that stress puts on the body. Whether at work or at home, stress is unavoidable. In the end, it’s the steps you take to control your response to stress that determines your productivity and ability to be present and focus on the tasks at hand.

Our world today is run by caffeine giants– take a look at the lines at Starbucks or the coffee shops on every corner. Many people experience a sense of need for caffeine, fearing that without it, they won’t be able to function and their success that day could be impacted.

We’ve all experienced that moment, the caffeine kicks and we get a quick burst of energy and enhanced focus. However, with too much it can become difficult to focus on the words in front of you, your foot is tapping, you’ve started talking at a mile a minute during a board meeting and you have no idea what you just said.

With more research dedicated to answering these questions around high performance, studies are finding that taking a step back may be the answer.

What if we were to let you in on a secret?

It’s well accepted that people perform at their best when they are in their optimal zone of activation and focus. Decoded, that means we are at our best when we are calm and focused, not jacked up and jittery.

Max Baumann has worked closely with Dr. Michael Gervais, a High Performance Psychologist for some of the world’s best athletes. “Gervais works in the trenches of high-stakes environments, where there is no luxury for mistakes, hesitation, or failure to respond.”

Having the ability to be calm, in any environment, is a skill that can accelerate both performance and relationships.

According to Gervais, here’s three ways to being calm:

Breathe Right
We all know that a few deep breaths can relax our body. But just like every other skill, the more we train, the better we can become. Breathing training is pretty simple. Start off taking 10 deep breaths in a calm environment, then get your heart rate up (maybe during or after relatively intense exercise or walking up a handful of stairs) and do 10 more breaths. Do this for 14 days, then increase the number of breaths.
Run Toward Challenge
If you think there’s pressure, you’re right. Change the concept of pressure to challenge. Capturing challenges is the mark of great competitors. Refine your craft, whatever that may be for you, and look forward to challenges that test your ability to be calm and confident.
Train Confidence
World leading performers understand the importance of confidence. It comes from one place, what you say to yourself – but – that inner dialog needs to be credible. Designing your life to look forward to challenges gives you that inner credibility to know that you have earned the right to stay positive in the face of challenges. It’s the combination of embracing challenges as a way to learn and being calm and confident during those challenges.
Baumann is no stranger to Gervais’ techniques. Max was recently a guest on Finding Mastery, where the two discussed how passion and philosophy collide in business, as well as the path Max took to becoming a millennial entrepreneur.

You can listen to Finding Mastery here:

Max walked away from his dreams of being a professional surfer to pioneer an industry catered towards performing at your very best.

Just Chill is an all-natural calming drink that helps reduce stress while increasing focus. L-theanine is the key ingredient, an amino acid found in green tea that helps lower cortisol and boost your alpha waves; providing a sense of alertness without the often accompanied caffeine high.

As studies on mindfulness and mental health are showing up on newsfeeds, L-theanine is quickly gaining popularity. The amino acid boosts alpha waves in the brain, increases dopamine levels, increases GABA production, can increase serotonin levels.

Founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2009, The Chill Group, Inc. created a calming beverage that helps reduce stress while increasing focus. Just Chill is an all-natural beverage that contains zero caffeine and 150mg of L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea. For more information, visit

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