The Trumps: America’s Royal Family

January 23, 2017

America is and should be proud.  We have completed the peaceful transition of power as we have done so many times before and now also have a new “Royal Family.”  In Europe, Royal families may stay in power for decades but in the U.S. we move them in and out of the White House every four or eight years. The beautiful Trump family has now assumed the mantel of America’s Royal Family and politics aside, they have worked very hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor…and the confidence afforded them by millions of Americans.  The American people are sure to benefit in many ways as well, albeit for some not enough and for others too much but this is the way our great system works.  In the past,  there have been the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, the Reagans and many others and now begins the era of the Trumps.  Whether or not President Donald J. Trump will be looked back upon, as many predict, as one of the best Presidents in American history, has yet to be seen however, no matter what your particular politics,  you have to admit the Trumps look and act Royal.  We as Americans are proud to welcome them and wish them well as if they do well…we all do well.  Long live the new American Royal Family…the Trumps!

Paul J. Gerstenberger

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