The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center made a significant announcement at its Information Technology Laboratory in Vicksburg

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Revealing its cutting-edge supercomputer dedicated to and named after Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter. The unveiling ceremony took place Tuesday morning, where the HPE EX 4000 computer, aptly nicknamed “Carpenter” in honor of the brave Flowood native, took center stage.

This state-of-the-art supercomputer is a technological powerhouse, capable of executing a staggering 9 quadrillion calculations per second. The dedication of “Carpenter” underscores the center’s commitment to advancing computational capabilities and bolstering its support for the Department of Defense’s most intricate challenges.

Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter, a retired Marine and the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, earned this prestigious recognition for his heroic actions in Afghanistan. During an attack where he and a fellow Marine were under assault by hand grenades while manning a rooftop security position, Carpenter displayed extraordinary bravery. Without hesitation, he moved towards the grenade, shielding his comrade from the lethal blast. Despite sustaining injuries, Carpenter not only survived the attack but also saved his partner’s life.

The decision to name the supercomputer after Cpl. Carpenter serves as a tribute to his selfless acts of valor, and the advanced capabilities of “Carpenter” are poised to contribute significantly to the Engineer Research and Development Center’s mission in addressing the Defense Department’s most demanding computational challenges. This fusion of cutting-edge technology and a hero’s namesake marks a powerful intersection of innovation and honor within the realm of military research and development.

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