They’re hot to trot! Guinea pigs seduce potential mates by singing love songs and performing a rumba, scientists say

  • Male guinea pigs have a personalised purr to attract mates, scientists found
  • After a sniff and bit of grooming, they then move their hips in a rhythmic way 
  • Researchers from Brazil say their study is the first to identify individual noises

Squeaky guinea pigs become smooth operators when they want to woo, scientists have found.

Males have a personalised purr that they use to seduce mates.

And if that’s not enough, they sing their love songs while performing a spot of rumba.

Male guinea pigs purr to attract mates and then perform a type of dance, say researchers

After a flirtatious sniff and a spot of grooming, the randy rodent starts to move his hips side to side in a rhythmic sway.

Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil said their study was the first to identify that male guinea pigs have their own individual sounds.

‘Although some authors have previously described the purr, there have been no studies examining individual differences in purr calls,’ they said.

‘This study is the first evidence of individuality in the purr.’

The team's findings about the habits of guinea pigs were published in the journal Animal Behaviour

The team, whose findings were published in the journal Animal Behaviour, recorded the courtship calls of 13 males, who participated in three separate sessions, with a different female each time.

Guinea pigs are not the only creatures with a penchant for ballroom.

Grebes perform a routine that has been likened to a Viennese waltz to prove their commitment to each other.

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