Think Announces Series of Investigative Documentaries About American Politics Think expands its production to the United States with a series of investigative documentaries called “Traveling Through a Divided America.”

MADRIDJuly 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Think is an independent production company in which no other person, company, or business organization is a shareholder. Think is able to attract audiences to its production because of its creative, entertaining, and innovative approach, which allows it to spread its message effectively. The areas of its business are the production of audiovisual formats and new narratives in social networks, innovation in investigative journalism through fact-checking, and implementing an innovative line of research based on Artificial Intelligence protocols necessary for the fight against Fake News.

These presidential elections have not only affected the United States but also influenced the entire world. Given that the United States wields significant influence over other countries with a powerful military, a vast economy, and a leading role in international institutions, in conclusion, the United States has power, but with great power comes great responsibility. Within that power is the President of the United States of America, which brings an important decision for the citizens of the United States to make; the election of the President for the next four years. This choice was between Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden; both candidates representing polarized ways of understanding domestic affairs and international relations.

This new Think production will begin filming in the last quarter of the year and will be available on all major platforms worldwide. This investigative documentary series aims to educate and demonstrate the seriousness of both sides of politics in its original form. The documentary will show direct questions to the protagonists, denouncing smoke screens and Fake News to create a polarized environment between international politics, influential lobbies, and significant economic corporations. In a world where the power of technology makes it easily accessible to share thoughts and ideas with others around the world, it has become a question of thinking left or right, as well as “the polarization of countries and societies.”

In this context, we propose a series of investigative documentaries based on the latest racial conflicts and fake news due to the polarization of people and countries, promoted by political powers and large business corporations.

The first confirmed episodes are:

“Chain of favors” 

For the first few years, The Epoch Times was a small, low-budget newspaper that was handed out for free on New York street corners, but in 2016 it made changes that transformed it into one of the most influential digital media outlets in the country.

Today, The Epoch Times is a force in right-wing media, with millions of social media followers spread across many pages and an online audience.

The Epoch Times has also gained a growing influence in former President Trump’s inner circle. Trump and has shared numerous articles from the newspaper on social media. Currently, its official Facebook profile has millions of followers.

“The hand that rocks the cradle. Steve Bannon” 

The figure of Steve Bannon is a known quantity for the American people but a great unknown for the rest of the world. Even so, it would be impossible to understand the polarization that the world is suffering right now without him. In the 2016 presidential election to The White House, candidate Trump was 12 points behind the favorite candidate Hillary Clinton, with a simple phrase Bannon led the way to victory. Bannon is responsible for many of Mr. Trump’s most controversial policies and statements and has supported far-right populism in European countries.

One of Trump’s last presidential orders before leaving the White House was a presidential pardon for his former right-hand man Steve Bannon. Bannon is now head of the WarRoom news site (2).

There is more to come.

Think will be innovatively explaining these topics. It isn’t easy to distinguish the truth when there are tweaks in journalism, but this documentary will give you a chance to look at both sides of the story. Think will show you the reality.

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