Unusual animal friendships

animal-friendshipsThe saying goes: Birds of a feather flock together. But sometimes animals form the most unlikely and adorable friendships.

Like Bella and Tara. Carol Buckley told CBS News when elephants come to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee they quickly become close with another elephant … But Tara took a surprising liking to Bella- who is obviously not an elephant.

She said, “When it’s time to eat the eat together, they drink together they sleep together they play together.” Dogs aren’t just man’s…or elephant’s best friend.

Pippin was abandoned by her other when she was a fawn. A family took her in and their dog, Kate, instantly began treating her like she was her own – as you see in this National Geographic video.

And here’s one we definitely didn’t expect. A dog and a cat. This odd couple grew up together at Busch Gardens and now they travel together, visiting schools and other places.

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