Touching moment Chinese couple are reunited with their long-lost son 22 years after he was abducted by his father’s CO-WORKER

This is the heartwarming moment a couple finally meet their long-lost son after a 22-year search across China.

Li Mingzhao and his wife, Chen Zhen, have spent all their savings looking for their son since he was snatched away by a co-worker of Li’s on a construction site in 1996.

a person in a military uniform: Mr Li and his wife shed tears the moment they met their 26-year-old son at a police station

With the help of police and volunteers across provinces, the family got together through a DNA match test.

The moment they saw each other, they hugged and cried in joyful tears.

‘I remember this scar he had on the brow bone. He fell on the ground when he was two,’ said the mother.

Mr Li recalled the fateful day when he lost his son, known as Pengpeng. He brought Pengpeng to a cement factory to work and a colleague, surnamed Yang, volunteered to look after Pengpeng.

However, Pengpeng did not go home that night.

The couple went to Mr Yang’s home, but he had already fled.

Mr Li had not changed his mobile phone number ever since and the couple stayed in the same shabby brick house over the decades hoping to wait for their son’s return.

In 2010, police caught the abductor in Sichuan. The couple has learnt that their son was sold to another abductor, who is also surnamed Yang.

The police caught the second abductor eight years after and found out Pengpeng got sold to a couple, according to the police statement.

Police officer also asked their sketch artist, Lin Yuhui, who previously helped a taxi driver found his long-lost daughter, to sketch Mr Li’s son based on the then four-year-old boy’s picture.

In April, Mr Li and his wife were told by the police that they had a match in a DNA sample test.

It’s confirmed that their son to be a 26-year-old man, surnamed Liu, living in Wuan city of Hebei Province.

During the reunion, Pengpeng mentioned to his parents that he is married and has two children.

Mr Li told China News: ‘We won’t ask him to move back and live with us. We understand that he has his job and his own family in Hebei Province.’

Pengpeng said he would take care of his parents the way as he looks after his adopted parents.

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