High Wattage Professional Soldering Kits Now Offered by American Beauty Tools

B007S1YL68LLCLAWSON, Mich.Sept. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — American Beauty Tools, US-based manufacturer of industrial quality soldering and brazing tools that provide superior heat transfer and longevity, has released two new professional soldering kits: a 150 watt and 300 watt version. The 150-watt professional soldering kit (PSK150) is intended for MRO services while the 300-watt professional soldering kit (PSK300 & PSK300-PB for the lead-bearing version) is targeted at the roofing and sheetmetal trades.

Each Professional Soldering kit includes a trade-mark American Beauty heavy-duty iron with stand, a combination of solder and flux required for quality solder joints, an assortment of tip cleaners and tinners to ensure tip stays properly wetted, a collection of maintenance accessories ideal for ensuring optimal heat-transfer & long product life are housed in a sleek yet robust molded plastic carrying case. “Our professional customers have long realized the benefit of a truly heavy-duty soldering iron. But those of us familiar with soldering understand that the correct tool is just the starting point for ensuring world class solder joints. It’s crucial to incorporate the purest of solders, effectiveness of fluxes and all the various accessories required to keep your iron clean and tip tinned. It’s only natural that American Beauty came out with a kit that contained all these items in one handy carrying case.” – Tim Comperchio, Customer Service Manager.

At the heart of each kit is an American Beauty heavy-duty soldering iron. Whether it’s the 150 or 300-Watt soldering iron, the construction of each iron is based around three core features; High-caliber steel parts, production of heating elements in small-batches and iron-clad solid copper soldering tips. The result is a robust soldering iron that is resistant to most abuse and achieves unparalleled heat generation and transferability. Solders and fluxes for American Beauty professional soldering kits were sourced through trusted industry partners to ensure that quality would be second to none. Each kit also contains all the necessary accessories to ensure the user can complete quality soldering joint after quality solder joint for years to come.

These kits join the 25 and 50-Watt Professional Soldering Kits released earlier in 2014.

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