UPS Driver Saves 4-Year-Old Boy After He Becomes Trapped Underneath 97-Lb. Package: ‘Our Angel’

Doorbell security camera footage captured UPS driver, Marco Angel, running from across the street to lift the large package off of Max Pratt

By Joelle Goldstein

April 23, 2021 04:25 PM

A UPS worker was quite literally the angel that a 4-year-old boy needed after he saved him from a large package that had fallen on top of the boy outside his Illinois home.

Had UPS driver Marco Angel not been in the area when Max Pratt went to bring in a 97-lb. package containing a hammock, things could’ve turned out very differently, according to CBS affiliate WBBM.

“He didn’t think twice. He didn’t even look for traffic,” Max’s dad told the outlet. “He came sprinting. It was pretty cool.”

Added Max’s mom to the heroic driver: “You are our angel, the way you flew in and helped him.”

 In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokesperson for UPS says: “We’re all truly grateful that Max was not injured and are proud of driver Marco Angel for his quick actions and concern for others.”

The incident recently unfolded in Oak Park outside of the Pratt family’s home on Ridgeland Avenue, WBBM reported.

Max’s mom told the outlet that her son often brings in packages that get delivered — and this time was no different. However, what Max didn’t know was this package was far too heavy to carry inside on his own.

As shown in doorbell security camera footage obtained by WBBM, Max went out to his front porch and attempted to bring the large package into his home. But as the 4-year-old moved the box, it tumbled over and he soon found himself pinned underneath the 97-lb. box.

 “I was scared I was going to fall down the stairs,” Max, who only weighs 40 lbs., recalled to WBBM.

While Max struggled underneath the box, Angel heard his cries for help — and was captured in the doorbell camera footage dashing over from across the street.

“I was saying, ‘Help!’ and then the package man just came back and lifted the box,” Max told the outlet.

Added Angel: “As soon as I saw the package tilt, I just started running back to it.”

The UPS driver explained that his quick actions were due in part to his parental instincts, telling WBBM, “I pictured my boys in his situation. Obviously, you go into, kind of, full parent mode or full dad mode to make sure the kid is all right.”

Thankfully, Max did not suffer any injuries during the incident, WBBM reported.

His parents told the outlet that their son is now relaxing on the very hammock that fell on top of him, but they have since spoken with him about the dangers of opening the front door when no adults are around.

The Pratt family also got the chance to personally thank Angel for saving their son on Wednesday, through a virtual Zoom call that was set up by WBBM.

Though the family now considers Angel a hero, the driver — who marks his one-year anniversary on the job next month — said he’s just grateful that Max is okay.

“I’m just happy that I was able to get that box off him because the box did weigh,” he told WBBM. “I [was] just hoping the little boy is all right. That’s all I want.”

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