Wayne County Treasurer Eric R. Sabree Works with Business Owners and Nonprofit Organizations to Help Taxpayers Save Their Homes from Foreclosure

DETROIT, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Wayne County Treasurer Eric R. Sabree is pleased to announce that his office has accepted payments and donations from private donors to help taxpayers save their homes from property tax foreclosure by paying off their 2014 taxes, It was announced today.

“Our office has worked diligently to educate the public about ways to avoid property tax foreclosure. Recently, we had over 2,700 people in owner occupied properties that owed less than a $1,000 on 2014 delinquent property taxes. Our staff contacted each taxpayer and as a result, many paid taxes and the numbers decreased drastically,” said Treasurer Sabree.

U-SNAP-BAC Non-Profit Housing Corporation contributors donated $48,867.46 to help taxpayers save their homes. Executive Director of U-SNAP-BAC Non-Profit Housing Corporation Linda Smith says this donation was essential.

“I’m excited because this will allow families to remain in their homes with the support of this donation. For us, we would like to also offer the families financial coaching and education so that next year when the taxes come due they’re not in jeopardy of losing their home again,” said Smith. “We hope to assist them with setting up some type of banking account where they can deposit money on a monthly basis so, next year they will have the funds.”

Founder and CEO of Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken and Captain Jays Care & Share Foundation Abdallah Sheik, heard about the opportunity to help and immediately offered his assistance and asked others to do the same.

“I do not want to see anyone lose their home and be out on the streets of Detroit. Some of them are my clients and I like to give back to the community,” said Sheik. “I will never have enough, but I would like to be an example. The goal is to be able to set an example for other business owners in the City to do the same. If other people get together and do this, we will be able to help people save their homes and build up Detroit and help the community.”

Captain Jays Care & Share Foundation donation is $15,359.41 to support this cause. Sheik’s foundation partnered with Life for Relief and Development in this effort and they will contribute $5,000 for a combined total contribution of $20,359.41. Taxpayers were chosen through a random selection process.

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