Youngest New High IQ Society Member Just Six Years Old

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Like many other six-year-olds, Declan Lopez harbors a fervent wish for the existence of unicorns. Speaking with CNN in a voice that could rival an opera singer’s, she revealed her aspirations to become a renowned singer or, if that doesn’t materialize, to venture into the realm of fashion design.

At first glance, one might not peg this vivacious kindergartner from Rockaway, New Jersey, as a member of Mensa, an international society for individuals with exceptionally high intelligence quotients. However, once Declan delves into the realm of atomic weights, her intellectual prowess becomes evident.

Curiously, she posed a question to me after school: “What is the atomic mass of Tennessine?” I confessed my ignorance, realizing she likely knew more about the elements than I ever did. With confidence, she declared, “It is 294!” Confirming her accuracy, I checked the information.

Declan’s mother, Meachel Lopez, recounted that her daughter’s exceptional abilities had been apparent since infancy. Declan held her bottle from day one, achieved early milestones like rolling over, and astonishingly started speaking Mandarin at just 18 months old.

Driven by curiosity about her daughter’s IQ, Meachel arranged for a test when Declan was five years old in February. The results, based on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, revealed an IQ of 137, placing Declan in the 99th percentile and earning her acceptance into Mensa.

Describing the experience of learning something new, Declan expressed that it feels both silly and exciting. Meachel attested to her daughter’s remarkable abilities, stating, “She’s just an amazing little kid that can teach you everything about whatever subject matter has sparked her interest at that moment.”

Recognizing her daughter’s thirst for knowledge, Meachel committed to nurturing Declan’s intelligence. Post-school hours are dedicated to continued learning, with the family focusing on a different subject each day during sessions lasting between 20 to 60 minutes.

For instance, art day on Monday involved Declan and her three-year-old brother, Maddox, engaging in painting. Tuesday was science day, featuring experiments and lessons on the periodic table, a subject Declan is particularly passionate about.

The Lopez family’s approach to education is multifaceted. Meachel, engaged in stock trading and an ecommerce business, oversees academic pursuits, while Declan’s father, Delano, a health and physical education teacher, concentrates on physical and social activities.

Beyond her intellectual pursuits, when not unraveling the mysteries of atomic weights, Declan immerses herself in soccer and karate. Meachel emphasized that, like any parent, their ultimate desire is for Declan to be happy and healthy, ensuring she has the support and resources needed to realize her fullest potential.

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